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We’re the team that helped build the sales management model in the industry today.

Strategic Planning

to drive better results

Strategic Planning

Is your brand looking to expand across the total US? We will build a strategy that fits your goals and company plan

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critical for success

Strong Execution

Is your brand looking to get bigger wins at retail?

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Growth Solutions

to meet short- and long- term goals

Growth Solutions

Are you looking for a partner to achieve smart, methodical sales growth?

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Our clients are our partners. Their business is OUR business, their success is OUR success.

Strategic Planning


We assess your current business and then develop a go-to-market strategy to sharpen your assortment, pricing, spending, distribution and broker partnerships across the US.


Our team will develop a customized promotion plan for each retailer – to optimize performance and leverage trade dollars most efficiently.

Strong Execution

Retained Sales Team:

We cover all retailers in natural, specialty, grocery and mass channels and track and manage through the category review process.

Broker Selection and Management

We realize that not one size fits all, which is why we work with several brokers across the US, both large and small. We create and provide the tools they need to help us execute the sales plan.

Growth Solutions

We work with our brands to plan for growth; this year, next year and the years after that. We utilize data and analytics to help us build strong revenue and sales stories to continue to gain distribution and to access capital. We assist in the development of new innovation. And, we utilize our partnerships and relationships to help brands become deeply rooted in the industry and hopefully take them to exit.

Syn.er.gy  [sin-er-jee] noun

The interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.


Experience:  Our team consists of seasoned CPG experts, who have built successful start-up brands in the past. While keeping sales execution as our primary focus, we know how to bring a product to life on shelf at retail.

Vision:  We are intentionally small. We don’t want to work with all brands. We want to work with those that want an integrated business partner and those we can help grow and win in the marketplace.

People:  Our team is compiled of top talent from around the country who actually enjoy working together! We hire experienced CPG experts that can be both strategic AND tactical… we’re in it together to make a difference.

Retailer Expertise:  Each of our teammates has been calling on retailers for 20+ years, strategically bringing an approach to meet every brand’s unique goals.

Process & Systems:  We have standardized systems and processes that make us efficient to work with, and communication is seamless.

Business Partner:  We help brands in all facets of their business; we have worked with many brands that have similar questions and issues as you – we’re here to help! Regardless if its marketing, e-commerce, packaging, pricing, finance, P&L development, we’re your partner to help you manage your overall business.